Video Production

I want to talk about the basics of video production. The production of a video is made up of three phases: Pre-production, Production and Post-production. Pre-production is the planning of the video. I mean who the target viewers are, the purpose of the message you are trying to give, how many people will be interviewed… Read more »

6 Elements of a Photo

Line(s)– Lines can be used to lead a viewer to a certain point of a photo. Lines can draw a viewer into the photo or lead them away. Lines can cause the emotion of guiding, active, threatening, etc. Lines can be various lengths, go in all directions and be any thickness. Thin lines are often… Read more »

Interesting Topic: Selecting a Good Photo

Questions to ask yourself when selecting a good photo: Question 1: Is there clear center of interest? The subject should take up most of the picture and create the viewer's first impression. Your eyes may wander from the subject to other parts of the photo, but they should retreat back to main subject. If you… Read more »

Interesting Topic: Lighting Technology

Let's face it! Technology is constantly changing. Every time we buy something, a couple months later something better comes out. In the video production world it happens frequently. I want to talk about Light Emitting Diode (LED) lightbulbs. There are many ways that LED lights benefit us, but these three ways I'm going to mention… Read more »

Client Satisfaction Survey

Below is a link to our Client Satisfaction Survey. Please take the time to fill it out if you have worked with us before. We are anxious to hear from you. Thank you for your time.

Interesting Topic: Green Screen Help

Life's Eyes generic valtrex Media is starting an "Interesting Topics" campaign to post topics or advice in Video Production and Post Video Production, Media Training, Event Production, Public Relations and Marketing. This is Jim Logsdon's Site. After reading through his site we found his post. Follow the link below. The views and opinions of  Jim Logsdon and… Read more »

LEM's Year in Review

It's been a tough year for many.  I have more people approaching me looking for a job than I have potential clients approaching me for work.  While this is hard to stomach for many, I'm looking at the silver lining.  The talent many couldn't afford just 3 or 4 years ago, is affordable.  I can… Read more »


Video Content Changes the Face of Traditional Marketing Companies will continue to analyze their marketing plans as we enter 2011. Traditional marketing approaches will be reconsidered as they have become less effective in reaching their target audiences. Businesses are rapidly embracing digital media as the preferred tactic to reach today's consumers. Harris Interactive, an information… Read more »