What is good business etiquette?

As of recent I became hyper-aware of the "no call back".  I'm not the dreaded tele-marketer.  I am a business person, conducting business.

When I was a reporter, I was like a tele-marketer.  I hounded people for information or tried to nail them down to a firm time for an interview.  You know, we had to turn news that day and the sooner I could get started the less drama would occur at our news deadlines.  You know, "feed the beast".

Now, I'm in the glorious world of business and I'm encountering people, who conduct business (in my opinion) poorly.  They're NOT calling us back after numerous phone calls with pertinent information needed on my end.  Or worse, valtrex online sending me the email saying in a genteel way "I'm busy and you're not worth the phone call.  When I need you, I'll call you."  What's up with that?  How am I supposed to conduct business like that?  Just FYI, I do understand "things" come up, just let me know…so I don't work myself up because I'm working on your deadline without all the pertinent information.

The benefit of owning my own business is that I get to CHOOSE whom I want to do business with each day!  So, you "no call back people" it will be your loss…because we do fabulous work and we have GREAT customer service and BUSINESS ETIQUETTE.