Kristan Getsy Chosen as 1 of 50 Rising Stars with the YWCA

Sounds fancy, right?  At first I wasn't sure what to think about the nomination.  Then, I was in complete shock that I was selected from hundreds of applicants, nominated by members.  But you know, when I was sitting in the room of women selected, I was truly sitting in a room of my peers.  And it felt good.

You see, the Rising Star program is basically a mentoring program for young business leaders, with a focus on the non-profit/volunteering side of things.  And the fact of this matter is, I need them as much as they need me.  I'm meeting women who, like me, need the networking and need the mentoring. Plus, they're planning a lot of fun stuff to do for us hard buy valtrex in the uk working and giving individuals. Great!

Just a quick side bar…at the first dinner we attended, we heard Connie Schultz speak.  Wow!  She's the author of 2 books (His Lovely Wife & Life Happens) and a columnist for the Plain Dealer.  I ran out to buy both of her books the next day!  She comes from a blue collar background, has made her way to marry well the second go around (for happiness), is a journalist and just a nice person! We have a lot in common.

I just want to say thanks to Linda Gill for nominating me.  And I want to say thanks to the YWCA for this opportunity.  I want to take full advantage of this and someday, be one of the mentors.