Life's Eyes Media, in case you didn't get the word spin, is pronounced "LIFE-SIZE".  Let me tell you, my creative team of talent, finished up a project for the University of Cincinnati Health Center, showcasing a new, beautiful, green building on the medical center's campus…showcasing how "life-size" we really are!

We pulled out all of the stops.


Nikk Sutton flyin' the steadcam rig, high and low.


Mark Ramey was "gibbin' it up" (and generic valtrex pharmacy down and sideways and every which a way).


Joyce Looby post-produced, with extreme creativity, a 5-minute video that screams award-winning piece.

As proud as I am of this talented team, I'm not singing their praises as much as our client!  This gig landed us more work from the same client.   Take a look at our Corporate Videos to see this piece.

And just for fun…