HERE IT IS… (click here)

…our first in a series of videos we are shooting for the Space Telescope Science Institute.  We're talking about "Behind the Webb"…catchy little phrase for the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) project.  If you're not familiar with it, you likely will be one day.  Of course you've heard of HUBBLE.  Well, the James Webb telescope will not replace it.  It will, however, be launched as a partial successor.

Plans are for it launch in 2014.  We're helping to document the various building aspects.  JWST is a NASA-led cheap valtrex online no prescription international collaboration, involving 15 nations!  And yes, that means we're traveling.  So far our Life's Eyes Media team has traveled domestically to Alabama, Los Angeles and San Francisco.  We've documenting some WAY cool stuff.  If you're interested in looking at pictures of us working, shoot me an email…

We're very stoked to be a part of this history making project.  Be sure to save the link and look each month for a new video.  Mary Estacion will post one a month, hopefully until the launch!