How can storytelling supercharge your communication like never before?

Author/screenwriter/teacher Robert McKee says, "Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today." For the most recent proof, look no further than this summer's Republican and Democrat Party conventions. The powerful stories told by family members of Americans who lost their lives in war zones, still influence the national political discourse… Read more »

What do changes at Twitter mean for you and the art of effective communication in the Internet Age?

When social media's feathered favorite hatched a decade ago, 140 characters per Tweet was no arbitrary number. 140 characters. One text message. 'Nuf said. Fast forward to today. Twitter is bigger than texting; it's about concise connection, instant impact, and visual media. In this space, we've discussed at length the psychological, sociological, and technological factors driving video's hegemony as the… Read more »

How can you land your brand and still make it fly?

In the era of the empowered customer/community/constituent, there is nothing–underline nothing–more important to your organization's messaging than a coherent, cohesive, consistent brand.  The influence and insurgency of social media demands it.  And yet, so many organizations neglect the maintenance of their brand–the amplification of its thesis, the growth of its impact. 1. First, you must "land" your brand.  As an organization, you must… Read more »

How can knowing your personality type help you become a more powerful communicator?

For anyone who's ever stared down the surprisingly difficult choices posed by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) or any other personality evaluator–congratulations! Great communicators know themselves first. They use this insight to structure and deliver messages in ways most natural to them–maximizing message impact. When it comes to the power of personality, consider:   1. While extroverts have traditionally reaped the rewards… Read more »

How can you get more of what you want when you communicate?

The art of persuasion is a very particular discipline that some spend a lifetime perfecting. But there are some simple ways you can immediately increase your chances of swaying your audience to your side, whether they're supportive, unsure, or outright hostile. 1. First, understand the dynamics of persuasion.  It all starts with the heartstrings.  Look… Read more »