Video News

People are subscribing to the print form of newspapers/magazines less and less. People now just get their news digitally, online for free. This has become an ongoing issue and now forced these types of media to require buy valacyclovir uk payment in many ways, whether it is pay-per-veiw or digital subscription. Now, this same issue… Read more »


Video Content Changes the Face of Traditional Marketing Companies will continue to analyze their marketing plans as we enter 2011. Traditional marketing approaches will be reconsidered as they have become less effective in reaching their target audiences. Businesses are rapidly embracing digital media as the preferred tactic to reach today's consumers. Harris Interactive, an information… Read more »

Life's Eyes Media NASA Debut…

HERE IT IS… (click here) …our first in a series of videos we are shooting for the Space Telescope Science Institute.  We're talking about "Behind the Webb"…catchy little phrase for the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) project.  If you're not familiar with it, you likely will be one day.  Of course you've heard of HUBBLE.  Well,… Read more »