How can businesses use YouTube to leverage brand?


YouTube is the world's second-largest search engine, and, for a growing number of businesses, the first choice in cost-effective brand enhancement. Your organization should:

  • Invest in video. It's up to ten times more effective at boosting online brand than blogs or related social media posts. YouTube runs on video. In fact, the most successful YouTube channels feature the most videos–of diverse topics and lengths.
  • Share video content between your website and your YouTube channel. This type of symbiosis generic valtrex valacyclovir between your two owned media platforms invites user engagement, the currency of business brand power in the Internet age. New research shows more than 60 percent of top tier brands now embed YouTube videos on their websites.
  • Position the videos on your YouTube channel for maximum brand benefit. This means understanding and using YouTube's specialized and somewhat esoteric tools that connect brand with audience. ┬áTime spend learning about things like captioning, tags, thumbnails, and other "YouTube-isms" is time well spent.