How can video empower human resources management and reduce business risk?


New research demonstrates how video trumps other media as an effective, efficient employee communications tool.  We now know half the human brain is dedicated solely to processing visual input.  It's no wonder then that video messaging, particularly in the workforce training space, delivers the highest degree of employee knowledge "stickiness."  This measurable impact is but one driver of a dramatic rise in the quantity and quality of video collateral produced specifically for HR initiatives.

The ROI of HR video is also particularly compelling.  It can save your business significant time and money to produce a policy/procedure video and disseminate it electronically, versus planning, funding, and executing a series of in-person workshops.  Furthermore, video is consistent–every time to every audience–eliminating the possibility that a key data point is missed or miscommunicated.  Finally, HR video is invaluable in the constant effort to limit liability in the face of the unpredictable human capital challenges every business must face.