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Why does the brain adore video, and how does your business leverage this cerebral crush?


New research demonstrates just how powerful the love connection between gray matter and great video. When you learn, your brain actually changes at the cellular level.  But video takes this information penetration further, engaging your brain like a key in a lock.

1. Faces and voices resonate.  They're an evolutionary source of knowledge and credibility. "Reading" faces and voices is something the brain has practiced for millennia.  This age-old competence increases subconscious confidence in the messages faces and voices convey–like those in video.

2. Emotions rule.  The surest way to ensure the brain remembers something is to make it feel something.  Video inspires emotion like no other medium, and an emotional "tag" on any message increases cerebral impact and recall.

3. If it moves, it matters.  Homo sapiens have survived by noticing peripheral movement.  Our brains are hard-wired to pay attention to movement, giving moving video images the advantage in communication connection.