Question: How can your brand make the most of online video?

ANSWER: Our brains are built to adore video.One example: YouTube gets more than one billion unique visitors a month. To make the most of what they see, adopt a comprehensive measure of success.  Even if it's not the next "Ice Bucket Challenge," an online video campaign can provide powerful ROI.  The number of views it… Read more »

Ask the Experts: How long should my video be?

QUESTION: How long should a video be to increase sales, recruit stakeholders, and/or boost brand? ANSWER: There's no "one size fits all" number of seconds that equals effectiveness.  However, there are proven principles that reveal the "magic number" for each video venture. Shorter is better.  The average length of a video on YouTube is 4:12. … Read more »

Ask the Experts: Brand Survival

QUESTION How can your brand survive as social media matures? ANSWER Gallup finds 62% of consumers say social media has no influence on their buying decisions.  Businesses are altering strategies to reflect this sobering reality. Back in what my kids know as the Dark Ages (before the Internet), talk was that worldwide computer connectivity would… Read more »