How can you conquer the fear of public speaking?


First, realize that most everyone else is petrified, too.  Public speaking outranks death as what human beings fear most, terrifying more than 70 percent of us.  It's called glossophobia.

Fact is, public speaking is a skill like any other, and it requires practice to perfect.  A sure way to increase your organization's impact is to increase your performance as a communicator.  And to accomplish that, nothing can replace recurring professional presentation training that offers real-time, on-camera practice, playback, coaching, and critique.  Meantime, some valtrex 1gm "quick tips" include:

1. Prepare.  Practice out loud until you feel comfortable.  And remember, an audience always pays closest attention to the introduction and conclusion.  Nail them.

2. Relax.  An aerobic workout before a presentation can reduce stress hormones; a few deep breaths backstage can stabilize heart rate.

3. Connect.  Eye contact can be daunting at the beginning.  Instead, focus on foreheads until your speech gets rolling, and you're ready to look them in the eye.

Want to take the panic out of your public speaking, contact us!  We're here to help.