What do changes at Twitter mean for you and the art of effective communication in the Internet Age?

When social media’s feathered favorite hatched a decade ago, 140 characters per Tweet was no arbitrary number. 140 characters. One text message. ‘Nuf said. Fast forward to today. Twitter is bigger than texting; it’s about concise connection, instant impact, and visual media. In this space, we’ve discussed at length the psychological, sociological, and technological factors driving video’s hegemony as the… Read more »

Healthcare Marketing: Why Brand Trust is Pure Gold

QUESTION: How can your organization interpret/engage/leverage/ the impact of burgeoning healthcare spending in the United States? ANSWER: You've got to talk the talk.  And to do that, you've got to understand the trends. They are structural and massive, destined to reshape the dynamics of the American economy. By 2021, Uncle Sam estimates healthcare spending will… Read more »


Video Content Changes the Face of Traditional Marketing Companies will continue to analyze their marketing plans as we enter 2011. Traditional marketing approaches will be reconsidered as they have become less effective in reaching their target audiences. Businesses are rapidly embracing digital media as the preferred tactic to reach today's consumers. Harris Interactive, an information… Read more »