How can you get more eyes on your YouTube video?

We spend a good deal of time in this space singing the praises of video. And for good reason. There simply is no medium more effective at increasing sales, leveraging engagement, and supercharging brand. But what in the world do you do when your organization spends precious resources on professional video, places it on the… Read more »

Why should my company invest in a corporate brochure video?

We've posted many blogs detailing the transformation of search engines, social media, and marketing collateral as video-driven vehicles. If you're not already leveraging your business brand through consistent, creative, captivating video, and using backlinking to get more traffic with the assistance of companies like Sir Linksalot, then you're missing the boat while your competition gets… Read more »

How can your organization mitigate the risks of social media, and maximize the rewards?

Look no further than the major airlines for recent examples of the extreme, often exasperating impact of social media done wrong. In an era when everyone has a smartphone camera, any shred of privacy–particularly in public spaces–is pure illusion. The odds of your organization's bad day being posted, tweeted, or snapped are only increasing. Just… Read more »

What can we all learn from President Trump's use of Twitter?

The 45th President of the United States has promoted social media, especially the Twitter platform, to a transformational communication tool—creating a generational paradigm shift in how messages are crafted and received. Love them or loathe them, Mr. Trump's tweets move markets, influence industry, and power politics. From a strategic communication perspective, it's absolutely fascinating to… Read more »

What did the Presidential Debates teach us about nonverbal communication?

A great deal. Love them or hate them, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have shown us a wealth of good and bad communication technique over the course of three Presidential Debates—the most watched, ever ( One of the most fascinating elements is not what they've said, but how they've said it. So let's draw some… Read more »

What can the Olympics teach your organization about effective communication?

A lot. We're talking about the global event, and there are lessons from it that will long outlast memories of Ryan Lochte's mint green hair dye (and equally bizarre legal problems). Significant trends were on display in the way Olympic coverage was organized, framed, and presented. Here are three big takeaways: 1. Visual communication is… Read more »

How can storytelling supercharge your communication like never before?

Author/screenwriter/teacher Robert McKee says, "Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today." For the most recent proof, look no further than this summer's Republican and Democrat Party conventions. The powerful stories told by family members of Americans who lost their lives in war zones, still influence the national political discourse… Read more »

What do changes at Twitter mean for you and the art of effective communication in the Internet Age?

When social media's feathered favorite hatched a decade ago, 140 characters per Tweet was no arbitrary number. 140 characters. One text message. 'Nuf said. Fast forward to today. Twitter is bigger than texting; it's about concise connection, instant impact, and visual media. In this space, we've discussed at length the psychological, sociological, and technological factors driving video's hegemony as the… Read more »