Showing employees and stakeholders in their natural environment is important.

We've posted many blogs detailing the transformation of search engines, social media, and marketing collateral as video-driven vehicles. If you're not already leveraging your business brand through consistent, creative, captivating video, and using backlinking to get more traffic with the assistance of companies like Sir Linksalot, then you're missing the boat while your competition gets noticed. The good news is, whether you're a video veteran or just getting into the game, one of the most effective and concise ways to grow your brand is the corporate brochure video. Why is this so?

1. Corporate brochure videos tell a story. As human beings, we're hard-wired to pay closer attention to and remember more precisely, stories. Explainer videos especially create a "show-and-tell" story arc that activates our hearing and our sight, making them more powerful than the written or spoken word alone. And anytime you craft your video story within a problem/solution frame, you recruit another advantage of video storytelling. Your customers have problems. Your services, explained via video, show them the solutions. It's a straight line analytically that reinforces your brand promise.

2. Corporate brochure videos don't just sell; they inspire. Research shows messages that provoke emotion are more memorable. That's one reason creativity is critical in harnessing the spirit of your brand within corporate brochure videos. Consider carefully your decisions about wording, images, voiceover, pace, colors, format, etc. All of these combine to create not just a look, but a "feel" of who your company is and what you have to offer–a brand "personality," if you will. Done correctly, these videos inspire trust, not only in your product, but also in your brand. Your presentation becomes less of a "sales call" and more of a "resource."

3. Corporate brochure videos equal exposure. Quality corporate brochure videos are a powerful force multiplier for your brand because they are highly shareable pieces of content. Make sure you capitalize on this force by tagging, titling, and sharing these valuable pieces of brand-building collateral on all relevant marketing channels. This increases the odds of eyeballs on your brand, and can extend beyond your existing followers on social or traditional platforms. One more benefit of video is its ability to outlast text content in terms of "shelf life." Maximize the exposure for your business, and a stronger brand is destined to follow.

Examples of corporate brochure videos produced by Life's Eyes Media can be found
here and here, and in other case studies on our site.