I want to talk about the basics of video production. The production of a video is made up of three phases: Pre-production, Production and Post-production.

Pre-production is the planning of the video. I mean who the target viewers are, the purpose of the message you are trying to give, how many people will be interviewed or speak, decide the budget for the video etc. It is finding out all of the specific information in order to go to the second phase.

That second phase is Production. This isn't just shooting the video. It is getting ready for it: set up and break down, make up if necessary, camera persons, and planning the audio. You need to know whether to use a green screen or blue screen. You need to know where the shoot valtrex online valacyclovir will be located, how many days will it take, depending on the task.

The third phase is Post-production. This is putting it all together. In this phase audio is combined with video, and still photos are added in as well. There are seemingly endless softwares for the computer that help do this. Adobe Photoshop works with still photos to edit them and get them ready to be plugged into the video. Photoshop also lets you add text to a photo. Final Cut Pro is one example of software used to edit audio and video.

So now you know a little more about video production, you can be better prepared to plan the production of a video. Contact us for all your video production, event production and media training needs.