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It depends on who you are and what you're trying to accomplish.

First, understand your brand.  Video is a uniquely powerful way to leverage brand across internal and external, traditional and nontraditional platforms.  Here's the catch:  There's no greater waste of your organization's time and money than tinkering with your brand during–or worse–after you've commissioned professional video.  Know your brand inside out before you launch a video project.  And if your video provider doesn't have you articulate your brand from the first meeting, switch providers.

Next, ask plenty of questions.  Why are you commissioning video?  Who is your audience?  What is your measure of success?  You and your video provider should be able to quantify the impact of your collaboration with appropriate metrics.  Again, if your video provider isn't willing or doesn't know how to engage in a metrics-driven approach, switch providers.

Finally, effective video costs money.  It takes time to produce.  And you'll likely need more of it than you think.

We can't compete valtrex over the counter uk with the pricing from your second cousin-who owes you a favor-and shoots really cool clips from his smartphone.  Successful video production firms employ award-winning content creators who've done this impeccably for decades.  We get results your second cousin can't.  That means an investment on your part.

Doing video right means doing video on a schedule you and your provider agree on.  And, as in life, procrastination causes problems.  Set a reasonable timetable, and stick to it.  If the unexpected occurs, communicate and adjust.  You and your video provider are both accountable to the project clock.

Last but not least, the giant, gaping maw of content consumption means you can almost never have enough video that's creatively captivating and relentlessly concise.  In this world of microscopic attention spans, it's often more effective to have 60 one-minute videos, than one 60-minute video.  And when video's done professionally, there's simply no better way to capture your audience, drive your message, and leverage your brand.