Our brains are built to adore video.One example: YouTube gets more than one billion unique visitors a month.

To make the most of what they see, adopt a comprehensive measure of success.  Even if it's not the next "Ice Bucket Challenge," an online video campaign can provide powerful ROI.  The number of views it receives matters less than the engagement it motivates.

Does the video campaign drive viewers to or deeper into your website?  Lead them to search for more cheap valtrex pharmacy content on your channel?  Promote dialog on other social media platforms?

Remember, online videos are not commercials.  They're opportunities to leverage your brand by serving the needs of your customers or stakeholders.  Be a trusted online content creator–a resource.  Higher engagement and bigger sales follow.

Finally, put a link to purchase the product inside the video description or include an embedded annotation.  These provide a subconscious call to action–further increasing click-through rates and sales conversions.