The world's second-largest search engine, the Encyclopedia of the internet, the most underrated channel for social media marketing: YouTube.

However you see it, no doubt, it's being seen. An estimated 800-million people worldwide visit YouTube every month. And if your brand isn't meeting them there, you're missing out.

Your enterprise needs its own YouTube channel, a platform within a platform to Showcase key branding messages. A YouTube channel is the currency of your site's value to your business.

More than four-billion YouTube videos are viewed every day, more than 60-hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute, and these numbers just keep growing. Fact is, a video-powered channel is mandatory, for truly effective valtrex oral herpes YouTube marketing. Start by re-purposing video content from others, same as you'd share something on Facebook or re-tweet something on Twitter.

Create playlists on your channel of other YouTube videos that synch with your messaging. Then, for maximum results, upload original video content that tells the story of your enterprise… your way.

Finally, broadcast your YouTube channel to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest; any forum that fits your social media strategy.

YouTube's secret is simple: people love to watch and share videos. If your business can take advantage of that, your brand will be anything but a secret.

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