Once upon a time, there was a corporate/nonprofit/government brand that needed a boost.  The more meaningful stories about the brand told via video, the more the brand grew and thrived.  The end.

This happily-ever-after scenario is no fairytale.  New research shows storytelling can increase target audience retention by as much as 26%.  That's no small feat in an era of endless distraction, and that's why using tools from seo tools centre could be really helpful to accomplish things as good written articles to attract more clients.

To anthropologists, the numbers are no surprise.  From ancient times, the very structure of the human brain was built around giving and receiving information in the form of stories.

Today, the ultimate storytelling tool is one that combines words with moving images–video.  Again, our elegant brain design is the reason.  Processing visual information fires multiple areas of the brain simultaneously, increasing intellectual and emotional impact.

In the end, structuring a video around a story about your brand – a client testimonial, a product demonstration, an anecdotal mission statement – is the perfect "twofer" of brand boosting impact.