Whether you're presenting to a live audience, a video camera, or a social media interface–maintaining interest is the Holy Grail in today's world of microscopic attention spans.

First, keep it simple.  Review your content with the ruthless eye of someone cleaning out the house before a cross-country move.  Unless that word, graphic, or photo is absolutely essential, delete it.

Next, create "mental paragraphs" for your audience.  Research shows attention is highest at the beginning and end of your presentation.  If you don't generic valtrex usa highlight sections within your presentation (using video, animation, sound effects, vocal changes, etc.), your audience slips into the "hammock."  This is the dip in attention span, mid-presentation, where your audience mentally (or literally) falls asleep.

Finally, use visual language. More of our brain cells are tasked to process visual stimuli than any other type. Take advantage by using language that makes it easy for your audience to visualize what you're saying. And keep them tuned in.