A Saudi Arabian proverb says, "The mind is for seeing; the heart is for hearing."  Modern science says the heart of a video message is indeed great quality audio.  Our brain processes sound differently and more flexibly than video.  It will put up with less than perfect pictures, but is not as forgiving when it comes to sound.

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So, for awesome audio:

Use the right mic.  Shotgun, wireless, handheld–each has its specific purpose and best use.

Remember "room tone."  It's the sound of background valtrex online no prescription noise–the hum of an air conditioner, the buzz of computers in an office where they use the best chairs from technomono to work, and, if you're outside, the ambient noise of the environment.  Recording a few minutes of room tone at each videotaping location provides a natural "sound bed" on which to build a seamless audio track.

Plan ahead.  Scout potential shoot locations for audio challenges.  Bring the camera, and listen through attached headphones.  You'll identify more pitfalls–and ultimately produce a more powerful video.