It's time to celebrate – April is National Frog Month! And that's no "croak."

original frog.jpgOK, forgive our frog-themed puns. But this is one recognition month with which we can get on board. In honor of our amphibian friends, we thought we would take a moment to tell you WHY we celebrate frogs every day at Life's Eyes Media.

When we founded our company in 2005, we adopted a logo that featured a red-eyed tree frog. While we'd love to tell you some storied tale of how we were inspired by the creature's tenacity and vitality, the true history of our fascination with frogs is a little more personal.

The story is two-fold. First, LEM president Kristan Getsy, who stands 5'9", played basketball for her high school in Dry Prong, Louisiana. Because of her height and long skinny legs, she picked up the nickname "Frogger." The nickname followed her as she played collegiate ball at Louisiana College. This was the beginning of her frog love story.

Secondly, while attending college at Louisiana Tech University in Ruston, La., Kristan and her friends were fans of the Lady Techsters basketball team. In the late 1990s, the Lady Techsters made a run at the National Championship and advanced to the Sweet Sixteen. Before the tournament started, the friends "adopted" a small toy frog as their good luck charm. The toy frog traveled with them to every game to cheer on the Lady Techsters and was often seen in photographs with the friends.

Since then, Kristan has gained a fondness of frogs, as they evoke very special memories for her.

Many cultures believe the frog is a symbol of luck, opportunity and metamorphosis. We agree – our frog logo continues to bring luck to us at Life's Eyes Media. So, Happy Frog Month, everyone! Now, go out and play a rousing game of leap frog!

To learn more about the red-eyed tree frog, check out this Wikipedia entry.