How long should a video be to increase sales, recruit stakeholders, and/or boost brand?


There's no "one size fits all" number of seconds that equals effectiveness.  However, there are proven principles that reveal the "magic number" for each video venture.

Shorter is better.  The average length of a video on YouTube is 4:12.  At the same time, demand for miniature 15-second videos on both traditional and online platforms keeps growing.  What to do?  Evaluate your audience.  Evaluate what you hope to achieve.  Evaluate how to dissect your video valtrex pills content into digestible "message bytes."  Less is always more.

Interest equals length.  If your video conveys a compelling message, people will watch.  If your video displays professional production values, people will watch.  If your video elicits emotion, people will watch.  And they won't watch the clock.

Ask for help.  Successful video collateral engages, educates, and energizes your target audience.  It's an art and a science.  That's why a professional video production partner can help you maximize ROI, at any time.

As a bonus, here's what Pew Research says: