How can your brand survive as social media matures?


Gallup finds 62% of consumers say social media has no influence on their buying decisions.  Businesses are altering strategies to reflect this sobering reality.

Back in what my kids know as the Dark Ages (before the Internet), talk was that worldwide computer connectivity would shrink the need for video collateral.  Members of the new cyber society would plug into a collective USB and absorb brand messaging by osmosis–or something.

Here on Planet Reality, the need for effective valtrex online prescription collateral has never been greater.  Content marketing ROI isn't about how many Facebook fans or Twitter followers your business has; it's about how brand messages penetrate target audiences.  With social media mavens skeptical, only the most powerful collateral has a chance.

And that collateral is video.  Research proves video is the brand force multiplier, the "stickiest" way to leverage your brand.  Result?  The best chance to reach the social media users who just might be open to your pitch.