Why do we LOVE video?

Over the years, we’ve spent a good deal of time in this space analyzing and answering this critical question. From the way our brains work, to how our senses operate, to our level of emotional engagement, to our willingness to act on a specific message, the...

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How can you get more eyes on your YouTube video?

We spend a good deal of time in this space singing the praises of video. And for good reason. There simply is no medium more effective at increasing sales, leveraging engagement, and supercharging brand. But what in the world do you do when your organization spends...

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Why should my company invest in a corporate brochure video?

We've posted many blogs detailing the transformation of search engines, social media, and marketing collateral as video-driven vehicles. If you're not already leveraging your business brand through consistent, creative, captivating video, and using backlinking to get...

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