The ability to communicate is the life blood of any business! Today's professionals must confidently convey ideas that drive effective decision making, teamwork, and buying decisions. In today's multi-channel, multi-platform, multimedia communications environment, how is your message more effective, memorable and powerful than your competitors?

Life's Eyes Media is a leading training source for organizations interested in growing their business through skill improvement and multi-media communication streams. Personal consultations and classes are facilitated by experts in the journalism, broadcasting, marketing, PR, multimedia and other communication fields. Tell us about your needs and ask us to facilitate or design a custom communications training program for you!

One of our most recent workshops, titled "Managing the Media," was a 3-day session geared towards emergency responders and public affairs/information officials. In the training, attendees from multiple police departments learned how to disseminate their intended messages in an effective manner and handle the media in a variety of situations – both non-crisis and crisis circumstances. Life's Eyes Media received plenty of positive feedback on the training and plans to conduct additional workshops under the same title in 2017.

Our training professionals and subject matter experts will also travel to you if you are not local to the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area. We traveled to Chattanooga, TN to conduct a training for engineers at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. The class was comprised of subject matter experts in various nuclear energy and power disciplines. In the training, attendees learned how to convey information to the media in potential crisis situations such as an explosion or the announcement of a downsizing or plant shutdown. A challenge for this specific training class is streamlining their highly technical content for presentation to the masses, without losing the meaning. Our trainers teach techniques on how to do this so the message is delivered effectively to a broad audience.

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