Life's Eyes Media NASA Debut…

HERE IT IS… (click here) …our first in a series of videos we are shooting for the Space Telescope Science Institute.  We're talking about "Behind the Webb"…catchy little phrase for the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) project.  If you're not familiar with it, you likely will be one day.  Of course you've heard of HUBBLE.  Well,… Read more »

An Award Winning Friend & Colleague Shares

Mary Estacion received an Honorable Mention, at the Columbus International Film Festival for her video production "behind the scenes" at NASA.  Click here for a link to see some of the cool stuff.  And realize, she worked her butt off for 10 days, sleeping only 3 hours a night. As a quick sidebar, if you've… Read more »

The Call Backs or Lack Thereof…

What is good business etiquette? As of recent I became hyper-aware of the "no call back".  I'm not the dreaded tele-marketer.  I am a business person, conducting business. When I was a reporter, I was like a tele-marketer.  I hounded people for information or tried to nail them down to a firm time for an… Read more »

Oh yeah, we won a PRSA BlackSmith Award

Integrated Marketing Brochure Back in the first part of the year, we were awarded this BlackSmith.  With all of life's hectic-ness, we forgot to mention this.  So, thanks to Kortnee Miller for your expertise in design and your fabulous pictures that enabled us to win such a prestigious award. And yes, Life's Eyes Media can… Read more »

A Rising Star, According to the YWCA

Kristan Getsy Chosen as 1 of 50 Rising Stars with the YWCA Sounds fancy, right?  At first I wasn't sure what to think about the nomination.  Then, I was in complete shock that I was selected from hundreds of applicants, nominated by members.  But you know, when I was sitting in the room of women… Read more »

Contract Award from Space Telescope Science Institute

A NASA Arm Reached Out and Grabbed LEM! We are very excited to have been awarded a contract with STSI.  We're working with their web producer, Mary Estacion on the James Webb Project.  Our travels have already taken us to Alabama & California.  We're helping to build educational and informative stories that will be on… Read more »

Attack of the Shoe Cobbler & Paying it Forward

It's irony when you're trying to sell yourself as a professional video company and your website is, well let's just say, lack-luster.  The only reason it's that way, we're spending more time on our client's work and not enough on our own. But if the business' site looks un-impressive, then why would a client be… Read more »

So very proud of my team…

Life's Eyes Media, in case you didn't get the word spin, is pronounced "LIFE-SIZE".  Let me tell you, my creative team of talent, finished up a project for the University of Cincinnati Health Center, showcasing a new, beautiful, green building on the medical center's campus…showcasing how "life-size" we really are! We pulled out all of… Read more »

Entering into "New Media"

Based on numerous conversations with clients and non-clients, the words "new media" can be very intimidating.  The way to lose intimidation is through education and studying the trends made by your customers.  So, "new media" should be approached with baby steps.  For my grandparent, new media would mean learning how to email.  For genius gurus,… Read more »